My Vision

I am my own authentic and unique diversity trans re-lator including speaker, educator and coach on topics including body, gender, relationship orientation, aspects of neuroprocessing*, leadership and personal re-creation to take you beyond the binary bind.




Sally Goldner

The unique recipe that is Sally Goldner

In the varied range of ways I work, I want you to feel safe and be safe when journeying with me. I aim to make our work in these areas "gently challenging."

We all "don't know what we don't know." – (welcome to being a human being). But what I do know is that working with me will take you on an exciting journey of growth towards understanding true personal identity and authentic expression in various aspects of one's life and what it means to you and others.

I state simply: if you are curious and open to learning I know for sure you can and will grow. Yes, we often need to be gently challenged (including me in areas where I may have privilege and blockages); there are surely worse things that could happen? Being challenged in a gentle way can assist in finding your missing secret ingredients and start the move to your own authentic recipe.

I would love to journey with you so you can achieve greater freedom, more happiness and increased productivity through clarity and opening previously blocked paths so you may have more alternatives.

To borrow from two turn-of-the-century philosophers "can you smell what the Sal is cooking and "that's the bottom line coz @salgoldsaidso" (any copyright acknowledged)


If you have built castles in the air, your work need be lost; that's where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.




We all have been taught ideas by other people and sometimes taught ideas by large parts of society. See, here’s the thing: sometimes, while the ideas work for society and some others, those perspectives may not fill your particular pan. Further, when ideas grow deep emotional roots and take a strong hold on us, we may not even realise the ideas and perspectives are there at all. Having someone “look in from the outside in an open and non-emotionally attached way can identify and uncover these blocks – hence “un-learning.”

Ingredients for the Pan

I offer all of my traits in all that I do.


Sally Goldner

My diverse experiences and attributes can relate to yours and translate into you finding your unique self.

I’m a person who has cooked up a unique recipe in my own pan. I strongly believe this gives me unique abilities to help you find your currently secret recipes (herbs and spices alone are subject to copyright) for you  - and also for you to cook up your own amazing and enriched authentic life.

My work centres on diversity, valuing each person as the unique individual each human truly is, building happiness and productivity, personal growth, respect for self and respect and empathy for others. This, in turn, leads to a greater ability to lead oneself and in turn others.

Let’s throw all your special and amazing specific ingredients into the pan and come up with the special recipe that is your own true, thriving life.

I also acknowledge my privilege and any unconscious bias including being white, non-Aboriginal, always having a home, educated, being financially supported at times and more. I acknowledge there is always more to learn regarding aspects of diversity and aim to keep learning. I believe that those approaches of curiosity and humility can only mean better outcomes for you.

Are you a human? Well likely, yes; all the same, if you are from another planet let me know via the contact button. Seriously, are you a human who greatly desires to grow and achieve more of your potential and greater happiness and all the benefits that flow from that happiness - then keep reading. I have been blessed and am grateful for those who gave me the energy to find my particular recipe when I really struggled with life. I now want to give back and make more life pans sizzle - including your special pan.

One of my superpowers is identifying with the neuroprocessing trait called the Highly Sensitive Person. In plain language, the strength I have is that I see things in greater length, depth and breadth than many other people and bring in different perspectives to a situation, thus providing alternative solutions to what appears as a dilemma. It is a foundation for the skills that I can offer to you - skills such as empathy, deep listening, reframing and long-term perspectives.


I have personal experience of neurodivergence. In plain language, neuroprocessing, sometimes known as neurodivergence, refers to the simple reality that our brains process information in different and also equally valuable ways.

The simplest example of this is that some people tend more towards introversion: they tend to create and work by themselves. Some are extroverts and work better with people. Certainly, given we are about breaking any binary bind there are ambiverts, people who like bits of both.

All of these pans are great vessels in which to cook i.e. they are all equally valid and valuable and each have amazing uniqueness - let’s find yours.


I think Sally... highlighted very well what a lack of care for all individuals can look like and how we could move forward caring for more than the normal group.
Robyn - Outdoors Victoria