"We will not be defined by gender norms!"
Sally Goldner

My major calling is education because while we can and need to undertake ongoing vocational and professional education e. g. accountant, hairdresser, rocket scientist, what grows us exponentially in all areas of our life is the development of greater strengths as a person.
I’m available for 1:1 coaching, fun and informative public speaking (watch for those puns) training and MC-ing.

My vast length, depth and breadth of professional experience and education/training include:

  • a leading and pioneering educator specialising in LGBTIQA+ diversity
  • life-coach
  • public speaker
  • qualified accountant of 35 years

I have experience in various sectors of society and our economy, with specific depth in the community/not-for-profit sector.

  • I would rather have one person who knows 1% more about gender than they did before than no one at all.
  • I would much rather have 10 people who know 10% more than zero people who feel comfortable learning.
  • I believe it is better to travel as far as one can at a point in time than languishing forever on the side of the road. Fire up your pan with any degree of heat and work with me.

I would love to journey with you to achieve greater freedom, contentment, and happiness and increased productivity through clarity and opening previously blocked paths so you may cook your own special and unique recipes in your own pans.