The equality, diversity and inclusivity meditation

Find a quiet, safe private place.

Close your eyes if possible and/or if desired (make sure you’re not in charge of a vehicle or heavy machinery).

Take some deep breaths. Slow your breathing down. Right down – that’s it, long deep breaths. Aaaaaaaah.

Go in your mind to your favourite place on the planet. If there’s more than one; that’s cool, combine them e.g. on an apartment balcony looking at the Grand Canyon with your fave bevvy in hand. Wherever that place or those places are is fab; so long as they make you feel good.

Imagine life as being totally equal in every aspect of your existence. What does it feel like and look like when every part of your sexual and romantic orientation are completely valued? That every aspect of your gender e.g. gender identity and gender expression are soooooo valued for everything for all the positive things they offer. That every aspect of your body such as size, shape, weight and sex characteristics are treated with respect. You are valued and celebrated for every aspect of your neurology. You are valued for any combination of mental, intellectual and physical ability you have.

What does it look and feel like to have this happen? What would your work look like? Your home? Where would your home be? What would your daily, weekly, monthly existence be like? Your finances?

At this point, notice how you are feeling in your body. Do you feel relaxed rather than uptight? Do you feel courageous rather than afraid? Do you feel peaceful rather than turbulent? Do you feel pride rather than shame? Do you feel affirmed rather than judged? Do you feel included rather than excluded? Content rather than restless?

Re whatever good feeling - lock it in (or in the words of a sports entertainer, “drink it in.”) Let it flow throughout and around your body. It can be colour, fire, rainbows, the colours of your flag in the rainbow, symbols that reflect your part/s of diversity and intersectionality – wotevs. So long as it represents you feeling fabbo groovy good awesome about all of you is all that matters. Let both mind and body remember those feelings and images.

Now – imagine the people who matter most to you in your life are doing this with you. Whether they be any of partners, friends, family of choice, people you love in your communities of identity/ies, family of origin – so long as they are people who make you feel good. Imagine more of the rainbows, flags, whatever.

How good is this feeling? Oh hell yeah!!

Now imagine this for anyone for whom you want be an ally beyond parts of your identity. Same again – rainbows, hearts, symbols and flags that make those peeps feel good; you name it.

Take it further. Imagine everyone who needs and/or wants this in your city doing it. Then your state/territory/region. Spread it state by state across your country. Spread to neighbouring countries. Spread it everywhere.

Again, how does it feel? Lock in the feeling as well as the sight of it.

Do it whenever you need to do it. Do it with whomever you want to in the room if you like.

It is your birthright to be equal and feel equal. It is yours to have and no-one else has or has ever had the right to take it from you. Regardless of your past which doubtless has had tough stuff, the present and the future are yours to own. Own them. 100% all yours.

When you are ready, take some deep breaths, count to 5 and as you do, gradually come back to being in the room or space you are in and be aware of your surroundings.

Always remember – you are EQUAL.


  1. I wrote this from issues regarding my own identity and those groups closest in their way to mine. I decided in the end to stick to those closest as it didn’t feel right to include parts of identities where I have not experienced inequality. I fully acknowledge any privilege that I enjoy e.g. white, middle-class. Naturally, every person who wants to use it can adapt to their own unique, intersectional amazing self.
  2. I acknowledge many of the basic ideas come from other practices e.g. mediation, the concept of a “safe space” and others. I can only say this came from the right place.
  3. If you feel and/or think there is some shortcoming or possible improvement, please contact me – just please be gentle – remember to respect the neurodiversity that is me as an HSP. J
  4. If it is used in a group setting, acknowledgment would be appreciated.