Trans Day of Visibility 2018

Happy Trans Day of Visibility to all trans and gender diverse people and families.

As I like to call this day, it is trans awesomeness day – because trans and gender diverse people are awesome. The amazing IT genius of Lynn Conway, the wisdom of Patrick Califia and the ability to communicate of Nevo Zesin are just 3 random of examples of awesomeness.

We are awesome that in a world that is locked into a deep chasm of binary thinking that we increasingly find ways to find the keys and unlock that door and be our authentic selves. We don’t have to be prominent or well-known like the 3 people above; just being ourselves is a triumph.

On this day I wish to thank those who support us, being supportive family members and allies generally. We need your support. We see this in the world context; in the Australian context, 2016 and 2017 were incredibly tough and stressful. The debacle on so many angles that was the postal survey may have finished but the after-effects remain. We are beginning to get back on our feet as some dust settles; all the same, a hand up will be needed. Check in with us individually and collectively: ask trans and gender diverse people what we would like (and not like) to happen. Walk with us and beside us, not in front of us.

Trans and gender diverse people are vital in achieving gender equity for all, not just ourselves. In this time of #metoo, our ability to move aside the artificial barriers that binary thinking creates will be hugely beneficial for assisting cisgender people whose lives are impacted negatively by toxic masculinity. May we work together to achieve total respect in relation to all aspects of gender.

We have seen over the longer term that we are more visible. Ten years ago barely any trans and gender diverse people under 25 were visible, now they are visible 20/20. That is proof in itself that despite the challenges we are moving forward and upward. We are seeing an increase in visibility re “diversity in diversity” re multifaith, multicultural and neurodiverse trans and gender diverse people (to name but a few examples); we need total visibility in this way.

We are creative, special, resilient and unique. We are in all walks of life and all ages, all backgrounds and all cultures. We are everywhere. Our light shines increasingly brighter and it will become the clean gender energy source that powers humanity. On this day, celebrate our visibility!