Sally’s skills of vision and strategic planning saw her realise the need for law and policy reform in 1997. Building on work done by amazing pioneers such as Julie Peters and Kayleen White (2 people Sally cites strongly as mentors), Sally quickly became a founding committee member of what became Transgender Victoria (TGV) in 1999.

She had little time to settle in. In early 2000, following a change of state government in Victoria, the announcement was made that gender identity (and sexual orientation) would be added as characteristics (protected attributes to use the legal term) to Victoria’s state Equal Opportunity Act. A difficult situation in both of houses of parliament meant a combination of teamwork, passion and skill was needed. Kayleen, Sally and firm allies from the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby combined and achieved the law reform that to this day enabled both greater protection for individuals and the ability to access government and public sector to achieve further law and policy reform.

In 2013, TGV was a major contributor to additions to the federal Sex Discrimination Act covering gender identity, sexual orientation and intersex status.

Sally’s understanding of these issues has contributed to changes in many areas including arts, policing, aged care, education and health care.

Sally has advised diverse committees and advisory groups including:


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