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LGBTIQ and person with a disability: Australian Research

8 Apr , 2014  


Do you identify as a person with a disability and as Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans*, Intersex and/or Queer?

You are invited to participate in a PhD research study exploring the experiences of people who identify as having a disability and as LGBTI or Queer. More…

New Anti-Discrimination Legal Service Brochure

16 Feb , 2014  

Federal law update

22 Sep , 2013  

There have been lots of developments over the last few months for trans and gender diverse (and other parts of the rainbow too). Here is yours truly chatting with the fab Cannon O’Saurus on BENT TV about them.

Please spread far and wide.

PS The interview was recorded in late July – where at 8:05 I mention “we don’t have a date” [re federal EO law] the laws are now definitely in force.