Currently Sally is working on some Secret Squirrel business involving a gender-diverse character (as in character comedy) that can do performance of both kinds (sorry Blues Brothers)  We’re talking  MCing, singing and even burlesque (do a big ooooooh noise!)

Sally is also happy to MC for all sorts of functions as herself, e.g. weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and corporate functions. Her combination of skills and experiences could give your event the right balance of fun, empathy and professionalism.

Earlier this year, Sally finally resumed singing in public with a three-song set at the Sacred Edge Uniting Church festival. The set closed with the her unique contribution to diversity,  “Kosher Bisexual transgender Cowgirl.”

Previously, Sally has performed stand-up as herself and performed character comedy as the characters Schmuck Doggy Dog and Babette Rancid. They have run off to a mysterious retirement village together and aren’t answering emails or text messages at this time. She has also offered moments of spoken word reflecting musical “taste”, sports entertainment and more..

Sally sang live at 1999’s Midsumma Carnival.

Way back in 1996, Sally performed at a Gippsland talent contest where she really did sing both kinds of music: Country AND Western .


Have some gender fun on your stage:


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