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Out of the Pan

Want to find out what’s going on at the grass roots of Melbourne’s queer and sex positive communities? Want to feel a sense of connection with powerful personal stories? Want to support grass-roots community radio? Want to hear a diverse range of pansexual classic rock? 🙂 If you answered yes to at least three of those question then Out of the Pan is the radio show for you.  It’s easy as going to and listening in (you can also catch each show on demand for a week and the podcasts there too). (If you said no to the classic rock question, feel free to make a cuppa during the music and no offence taken.)

Since 2005 at noon Australian Eastern Time each Sunday, Sally has been throwing those questions into the pan and the cooking up the answers for you in relation to gender, sexual orientation, polyamory, sex positivity and more – and all with some fun and puns to balance the light and shade,

Enjoy exploration of important topics in a fun way that escapes shock-jockery.? One guest describes Sally’s interview style as “relaxing yet probing”. It sounds like an enema, but it’s accurate enough! Tune into hear powerful and uplifting stories of how guests had the strength to beat the odds and what drives them.  Hear the latest of what’s going on the community.

Out of the Pan has morphed over 14 years, so there’s more reasons to tune in and relate to the issues. In 2005, trans and gender diverse (TGD) issues (to use current terminology) were barely on the map, both in the rainbow and wider communities. Bi/pansexual seemed to be off the map completely. Since mid-2012, attitudes shifted so bi/pan is on the map and plenty more relating to gender, relationships and sex positivity.

Personal stories from people in this panscape of diverse groups will be needed for a long time yet. Personal stories drive discussion of the issues, leading to law reform and policy changes. So grab a Sunday coffee around 1130ish (Sally always does) and join the fun.

Tune in at noon on 855AM, digital and, listen to the repeat at 5:00 Wednesday mornings, and listen on demand or  podcast from Sunday afternoon. We’ll keep cooking up answers and finding the right questions together!




Sally started the show after prior experience from 1999 to 2004 on JOY 94.9 as a founding co-presenter of “Transmission Time” with good friends/conspirators Jayne and Lauren and others.

In early 2005 she migrated to 3CR, to start Out of the Pan.The show and its name came from Fionn Batchelor and Rachel Maher.

Fionn was a presenter of 3CR’s queer womens program “Dykes on Mikes” and Rachel Maher was Programming Coordinator.

Fionn invited Sally onto “Dykes on Mikes” for a discussion and in true  3CR tradition, they adjourned to a nearby watering hole thereafter. Rachel joined them and while discussing a possible name, simply said, “pansexual issues, how about Out of the Pan?”  Sally never looked back.


MCing and Performance

Sally is also available for  MCing, for all sorts of functions e.g. weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and corporate functions. Her combination of skills and experiences could give your event the right balance of fun, empathy and professionalism.

Sally’s previous performance experience includes singing at the Sacred Edge Uniting Church festival in 2016. The set closed with the her unique contribution to diversity,  “Kosher Bisexual transgender Cowgirl.”

Earlier performances date back to singing live at 1999’s Midsumma Carnival and way back in 1996, Sally performed at a Gippsland talent contest where she really did sing both kinds of music: Country AND Western .

She also performed stand-up as herself and performed character comedy as the characters Schmuck Doggy Dog and Babette Rancid. They have run off to a mysterious retirement village together and aren’t answering social media or text messages at this time. She has also offered moments of spoken word reflecting musical “taste”, sports entertainment and more.


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Quiet Passion

Want to get some quiet passion? Join Sally’s email list