Diversity Trans-re-lator

Sally presented her first trans and gender diverse (TGD) education session 15 years ago and has broadened her experience and reputation as educator in LGBTIQ and many related issues over this time. Sally is flexible in her methods used e.g. more formal presentation, group exercises, informal Q&A, panel discussion and personal stories because to her, the aim is to communicate information about the subject matter by the most effective means for the audience on hand. It could be called training, education, speaking or anything really  – she wants to translate the needed information in the way that works for those listening. She has been known to say she will stand on her head if that achieves the outcome – but maybe that’s not a good idea to that just after meals.


Sally can tailor a session towards your needs as required, whether that be corporate, government, not-for-profit, small business or in any setting. Sally has delivered training to sectors as diverse as youth, the aged care sector, to university classes, health professionals, HR departments and TAFE classes. Since 2009, she has been a part of Victoria Police’s program for new recruits, Community Encounters which has been described as a cross between being a living library book and speed dating. She has spoken as part of panel discussions and given speeches. Let her trans-late and re-late in the way that works for you!


Watch this space for an exciting program that will break through the barriers of gender equity in the corporate sector!


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