Trans people wanted for new year’s story

trans people wanted for new year’s story – journo received my name via a trusted source

Hello Sally,
Thanks for your time on the phone this morning. I’m working on our New Year’s Day coverage and I’m looking for someone who is planning to make a major change in their lives in 2014. I thought it would be great to interview someone from the transgender community who is in that position. That person/persons would ideally be doing something like living openly in their affirmed gender for the first time next year or doing that to a much greater extent than 2013. Or they could be starting the … process in 2014. I’m open to any suggestions but it would need to be someone who will be going through some profound change in 2014. The plan is to publish the story in the newspaper and online and we’d also need to take photographs.
Ideally I’d like to interview someone today or tomorrow. I can be contacted on or 8667 2126.
Many thanks,

Benjamin Preiss