A brief update re #AIDS2014

a brief update re #AIDS2014 and pre-conferences

Sharing stories is amazing and strengthening - as always...

I am hearing amazing human strength from trans and gender diverse people around the world - resilience, courage, persistence, determination among others in the face of huge discrimination, often on multiple attributes e.g. sex worker, HIV as well.

It is totally necessary to acknowledge that yes, there is grief and sadness re MH17; yes, those same strengths mentioned above are helping to counter that grief.

Practically, there is so much sharing of information that will save us having to re-invent wheels here, especially re medical care.

There is a major cultural issue...trying to explain Melbourne's diverse climate to visitors is challenging. We're not trying to explain the right hand turns in the city/South Melbourne area. 🙂

Seriously...incredible. So much to see and do...adrenaline winning with minimal caffeine.

Huge congrats to My TGV colleagues Brenda and ML for all their efforts in this.

Come on down to Jeff's Shed, 802 in the Global Village and connect. To use the words of V K McMahon from his announcing days "feel the electricity" and yes it's a Gorilla Monsoon "history made in Melbourne" occasion.

And that's the bottom line...coz  @salgolsaidso