A trans message of love

Dear beautiful, amazing, awesome and uniquely gifted trans, gender diverse and allied people
I am thinking of and feeling very much for everyone at the moment.
I totally understand that there are tough times for many individuals and that collectively too, there are many pressures.
I state that I have been in those difficult places myself. Wherever my life is now – which on every level is hugely the best it has ever been – I remember it was not so easy in past times. I felt I was stuck right in the middle of downtown hell.

Thing is, I did get out of there. Despite years of fear of rejection and ridicule, I found a way to reach out to someone. I learned to trust. I got to the point where the sign on the side of the road said “you are now leaving hell – travel safely.”  🙂
So while acknowledging there is difficulty and past pain, I offer that there can be a future of hope and serenity. I ask people to imagine what it would be like and see it in your mind’s eye.
I ask that people please reach out to friends, talk to someone and let out what can feel like a huge whirling around in your head. Use services such as Lifeline 131114 or Q-Life (including Switchboard) on 03 96632939 or 1800 184527. Utilise the longer term options in Zoe Belle Gender Centre’s resources listing at gendercentre.com
Trans and gender diverse (and allies) are one of my communities and family of choice. Good communities and good families stick together and love each other and I see much of that. Reach out and tap into each other’s strengths.
As individuals and collectively I firmly believe we are stronger and can keep becoming even stronger again.
And again.  And again.
Lotsa love, hugz and serene karma.
The wacky read-headed WWE, country-and-western, classic-Aussie-rock loving aunty Sally
PS Naturally please feel free to re-post, share, tweet and all those modern things. 🙂

PPS Acknowledgements to Pretenders 1981 song Message of Love for the title of this post. And I only re-checked the lyrics after writing this and they are spot on.