launch of Heaven Bent – LGBTI stories on religion and faith

14 Oct , 2013  

The book, edited by Luke Gahan and Tiffany Jones, will be launched in Melbourne by Tony Briffa who is the worlds first intersex Mayor and personifies all the colours of the rainbow!

Brigitte Lewis and yours truly reading excerpts and possibly other fab contributors on hand to give autographs Marie Clark Alyena Mohummadally Eric Glare


Hares n Hyenas

63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy 3065

When: 630 PM 16 October 2013.

A little trans baby comes of age

26 Sep , 2013  

14 years ago, a little queer baby of all gender identities was born.

The little baby was named Transgender Victoria. It had queer parents and relatives and God-parents as part of its tribe to give it wisdom and guidance – just what a child needs to get a good start in life.

The child therefore stayed close to its soul as it grew up.

Close enough to time, last night the child had a mitzvah. All the family and friends, queer or otherwise, came.

There was food, speeches, laughter and a drop of alcohol too – just like any good mitzvah and subsequent party. J

Like any parent, guardian or relative, last night Aunty Sally was proud, a little blissfully dazed and a little emotional seeing that the little baby was growing up in the right puberty on the way to adulthood.

Like any blossoming young adult, teenage Transgender Victoria now has new friends and adults of its own in its life. In this case, this means a corporate sponsor, major partners in the government sector and NGOS, politicians and more.

Like any relative, Aunty Sally nurtured the little child. Aunty she may be – it was a parent-child relationship. Like many parents etc, Aunty Sally had fears at times for the child because she just wanted it to grow up safe and happy and strong.  And the child has grown up. Now Aunty Sally’s relationship to the child shifts to an adult-adult relationship.

Thank you to all the adults, Kenton Miller, Janet Jukes and Kayleen White who are its parents and even though she probably doesn’t know it, to Julie Peters who Transgender Victoria’s (fairy) god-mother.

Thank you to Lauren Christopher, Brenda Appleton and Jayne Monroe who are its aunties.

Thank you so much to family members Gavriil Alexandrs, Sarah Rogan, Lou Cooper and Grace Lee who organised the mitzvah so efficiently with lots of other friends and family helping out.

Thank you to all the family and friends who came.

The young adult and some relatives might be a little emotionally hung over for a while. Be assured you will hear about the young adult continuing to grow up after we clear our heads a bit. J

The young adult, having been nurtured well as a child, is ready to do lots of nurturing for others. With family members Grace, Sally, Lauren, Brenda, Gavril , Lou , Sally C and Nikki the young adult will have lots of loving, wise and good-humoured relatives as mentors to guide it.

And given that 101 family and friends turned up to the mitzvah, the wedding/similar ceremony – whenever it happens – will definitely be a big queer event!

Federal law update

22 Sep , 2013  

There have been lots of developments over the last few months for trans and gender diverse (and other parts of the rainbow too). Here is yours truly chatting with the fab Cannon O’Saurus on BENT TV about them.

Please spread far and wide.

PS The interview was recorded in late July – where at 8:05 I mention “we don’t have a date” [re federal EO law] the laws are now definitely in force.

Reflections of a Jewish trans woman on Yom Kippur

14 Sep , 2013  

Reflections of a Jewish trans woman on Yom Kippur:

What does a trans woman do with her Kippah and Talit after affirming her identity?

I always remember the Bar Mitzvah (Jewish coming of age ritual) held close to my 13th physical birthday (1978). I remember wearing for the first time my Kippah and Talit. I admit I didn’t feel I had moved from boy to man (even allowing for nerves over all the readings and the speech at the party afterwards). With hindsight, I obviously could never move from boy to man because I never really could be a male of any age. More…

We won’t be fooled again

7 Sep , 2013  

A thought…regardless of one’s political viewpoint…
Aunty Sally remembers 1996 when Howard was elected. There was some belief he would be moderate – and of course that turned out to be a furphy. People were caught off guard somewhat…
We know what Abbott is like already – remember he was an architect of the Howard era. While some will give Tony a honeymoon, for those who oppose him – don’t.
For example, he said “we’ll stop the boats from day one.” That’s today. So if one boat turns up – hold him to it.
One budget cut that wasn’t mentioned…he campaigned on trust…can he be trusted?
And so on…
In the words of “The Who…”